Power press machine for sale

Power press machine for sale

Power press machine is also called blacksmith forge press. It is widely suitable for piercing, blanking, cutting, bending, shallow-drawing, molding and other procedures. Through molds, power press machines could process panel into different shapes like flower shapes for decoration, cups and other hardware. Our Ellsen machine for sale is very popular among different industries for its high production efficiency.

Featured power press machine for sale

Power press machine for sale
Power press machine for sale

Nominal Capacity: 1000KN
Nominal Pressure Stroke: 10mm
Worktable Dimension: 710×1100mm
Slide Block Stroke: 140mm
Number of Stroke: 38 per min
Motor Power: 7.5KW
Total Weight: 9460KG

Main component parts of blacksmith power press

  • Ram slid: it consists of high quality cast iron.
  • Stroke: it is adjustable.
  • Clutch: our power press machines adopt clutch system which is very flexible and easy to operate.
  • Rolling key: we produce it with high grade alloy steels.
  • Lubrication: our punch press has a very good lubrication system to keep the machine work smoothly.

Detailed Information of Each Part of Blacksmiths Press Punching Machine

Frame Construction
The hydraulic forging press for sale is made from IS-2062 graded rolled steel plates. The frame is deeply reinforced after stress reliving. The interlocked design supports the frame directly. Thus the accuracy of the blacksmith press machine is very high.
High Precision Transmission Gear
The high quality gear system of the mechanical power press makes the operation smooth and safe.
Table and Slide(RAM):
Table and Slide of blacksmith forging machine are made of heavy duty cast iron. These two parts are perfectly consistent with each other to obtain high precision press operation.
High Quality Crank Shaft
The rigid crank shaft extends the life of the blacksmith tooling.
Motorized Slide Adjusting Device
The Motorized slide adjustable device adopts a thin brake motor and it can be operated with push buttons. This makes it very easy to adjust the blacksmith press.
The flywheel of forging press machine is made of high grade cast iron. That makes sure our press machine solid to offer enough energy for cutting operation.
Automatic Lubrication System
The automatic lubrication system promises high reliable operation.
Hydraulic Overload Protector
The hydraulic overload protector is able to prevent the overloading from exceeding work and avoid to damage. The resetting process makes it easy and simple to restart the forge press machine for blacksmith.
Pneumatic Dry Clutch
The safe pneumatically operated clutch brake is designed to offer high qualified slide motion control even at high speed.

Decorative products produced by power press machine
Decorative products produced by power press machine

Features of our mechanical power press

  • The mechanical power press is easy to operate.
  • Air power hammer saves cost and energy.
  • Power press machine has the feature of high efficiency and low noise.
  • Our power press is with advanced technology and design.
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • It is safe and reliable to operate.
Power press pieces
Power press pieces
Finished Product
Finished Product

Power press pieces

Advantages of our Ellsen power press for sale

  • Compared with traditional machines, our power press for sale has the features of saving materials and energy.
  • It is easy to operate the power press, even layman could learn how to operate it easily.
  • Our power press machines could be combined with auto feeding system. So it will sound alarm when wrong operation is done.
  • Our high precise power press almost produces no harm to molds which keep it a long service life.
  • As power press manufacturer, Ellsen could produce high quality products to meet clients’ demand.
  • The power press machine price in Ellsen is very reasonable and competitive in the market.
Power press machines for sale
Power press machines for sale

After-sales service of Ellsen power press machines

As we know, it is very important to choose a company with excellent after sales-service. For there may produce some maintenance fee when power press machines break down. However, Ellsen will offer lifelong maintain-free service. And we could also help maintain power press door to door for foreign clients if necessary.

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