EL-DY16A Wrought iron hydraulic bending machine for sale

Hydraulic bending machine

Wrought iron hydraulic bending machines for sale

Hydraulic bending machine is ideal wrought iron equipment for bending flat iron, round steel, square steel into all kinds of flower patterns. These patters can be circle, arc, bending angle and other heterotype shapes. Compared with scroll bending machine, wrought iron metal bending machine is more often used to process bolder and bigger steel. And it could bend the steels into flower forms for once. Hence, we can often see it working in decoration industry, furniture industry, municipal gardens and construction industry.

Featured wrought iron hydraulic bending machine for sale

EL-DY16A Wrought iron hydraulic bending machine for sale

EL-DY16A Wrought iron bending scrolls machine for sale
EL-DY16A Wrought iron bending scrolls machine for sale

Flat Iron: ≤10×50mm
Round Steel: ≤ф16mm
Square Steel: ≤16×16mm
Power: 7.5KW
Voltage: 220V/380V/415V
Packing Size: 1300×700×1400mm
N.W. (kg): 550
G.W. (kg): 600

Hydraulic bending machine dies
Hydraulic bending machine dies

Features of our Ellsen hydraulic iron bar molding machine

  • Our hydraulic iron bar molding machine has high production efficiency.
  • It is easy to operate our hydraulic forming wrought iron machine.
  • The hydraulic moulder has programmable control and can work automatically.
  • This hydraulic moulder machine has the features of easy to maintain and safe to operate.
  • It has compact structure and high quality scroll bending attachments.
  • It could achieve massive production of wrought iron scrolls in different shapes.
Wrought iron hydraulic scroll machine in our factory
Wrought iron machine in our factory

The dies of our hydraulic forming wrought iron machine

There will be 4 sets of attached dies come with the machine for free when buying it. There is 1 set for angle bending, 1 set for arc bending and alignment, other 2 sets for extruding moulding. And other bending dies are available in our factory. What’s more, we could produce dies according to clients’ design patterns. In fact, bending dies have a deep effect on the quality of wrought iron products. Our Ellsen bending dies consist of high quality raw material, so it has heat resistance and wearing resistance. This not only keeps our hydraulic scroll bending machine a long service life but also ensures high quality craftworks.


Dies of hydraulic moulder
Dies of hydraulic moulder

Advantages of Ellsen Hydraulic press wrought iron machine

  • Our hydraulic moulder can finish the flower shapes at one time and these iron craftworks are with good consistency. Besides, it can process parts in batches and high efficiency.
  • Our hydraulic press wrought iron machine has both manual control and foot pedal which makes the operation more convenient and safer.
  • With high processing capacity, our hydraulic scroll bender machine can bend 16mm×16mm square steel.
  • The hydraulic bender machine can bend 300 pieces of 12mm×12mm square steel per hour.
  • The size of working desk is with rational design. It makes sure 99% iron craftworks can be produced in various sizes.

Our staff is showing our hydraulic scroll bending machine to foreign clients in our factory

Foreign clients in our factory
Foreign clients in our factory

How to operate Ellsen metal craft bending machine for sale

You may don’t know how to use metal craft bending machine when you buy it from Ellsen Machinery Company. Actually, it is very easy to operate Ellsen hydraulic bending machine for its humanized design. And there have reminder buttons to instruct you what you should do to start the metal craft bending machines. Besides, the metalcraft bending machine videos will be offered to clients.

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